The disk space feature shows the total amount of info that you could have on your cloud hosting server at any time. With a desktop computer, for instance, this is the total size of a single hard disk drive or the overall volume of all of the hard disk drives in the event that the PC has more than a single one. The same way that the space on a PC is shared between installed applications, documents, music files etc, the server disk space is shared between website files, databases and email messages. Every file, folder and email message will take some storage space on the server, therefore you should think about plenty of factors, not just the size of the files that you upload. For example, receiving big email attachments or using a script-driven internet site where the user-generated content is stored in a database will also affect the hdd space you're using.

Disk Space in Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting packages were developed with the idea that shortage of disk space shouldn't be a thing that can obstruct the development of your web sites. That is why we've used an approach which is more advanced than the one that most website hosting suppliers apply - instead of generating a variety of accounts using a singlle server and eventually running out of disk space, we work with a cloud hosting platform in which the storage space is taken care of by a whole cluster of servers. That's why, we can easily attach more machines in case they're needed and / or more hard disks, in order to supply more disk space for the files of our clients. Individual clusters take care of your e-mails as well as your databases, therefore not only will you be able to increase the size of your websites without having to worry about space, but also all of the servers will operate faster and better owing to the fact that each and every service does have its space and a single server does not handle different kinds of files.