The UPS and the diesel generator are 2 devices for keeping a server functioning in case there are troubles with the main power source - a disruption or unstable current that cannot keep the web server working correctly, for example. UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply, though it is oftentimes referred to as Uninterruptible Power Source also. The UPS is, in simple terms, a highly effective battery that is attached to the hosting server and to the electricity network all of the time, so in the event of any blackout, it's already working, that permits the web server to carry on running without losing any info. The diesel generator is an engine which can power up an entire data center. It does take some time to begin working and it's the UPS that provides that time. These two power solutions are fundamental for any facility or service provider that wants to prevent data loss and hardware damage caused by an unexpected electrical power issue.

UPS & Diesel Back-up Generator in Cloud Hosting

If you host your sites within a cloud hosting account with our company, you shall be able to forget about troubles caused by electric power failures, due to the fact that, unlike various other providers, we don't keep numerous web servers attached to just one UPS. Rather, each individual web server which is part of our avant-garde cloud platform comes with its own UPS device which shall be able to keep it operational for a long time. Additionally, our data centers in the United States, in the United Kingdom and in Australia have many different generators that boot up for minutes and which are able to power all of the web servers for an extensive length of time. This way, the overall performance of your sites or their loading speed shall not be affected, so you may enjoy an uninterrupted high-quality web hosting service constantly.