Tutorial videos are several-minute-long educational clips that reveal to you how precisely to carry out a given task. In case you’ve never had a website and the hosting sphere is something completely new to you or if you have just switched companies and have never used the new web hosting provider’s Control Panel, such videos will be quite helpful and will help you grow familiar with the interface, not to mention the amount of time that you’ll save. Without video tutorials, you’d have had to either test the separate buttons within the Control Panel or read step-by-step help articles. Even though you can still find out how to get things done by yourself, it would be significantly easier to watch an uncomplicated tutorial video and after that to simply conform to the instructions, avoiding any possibility of slipping up in case a given help article isn’t explicit enough.

Video Tutorials in Cloud Hosting

As part of our cloud hosting packages, we have made a lot of how-to videos where you can see a demo of our functionality-crammed Hepsia hosting Control Panel. We have included both basic procedures like setting up a brand new email address or copying files between folders, and more complex ones such as generating an .htaccess config file or exporting a MySQL database. We also have different instructional videos that will inform you what CPU load is or what error log files are used for. When you visit a given section of your Control Panel, you will be able to watch relevant videos that clarify how you can perform different procedures, but you can also find a full list of all the videos that we have in another section, which you can access using the Video Tutorials link, which is located at the bottom of the page.