Using e-mails with your personal domain name is much more handy and also it will provide you with more authority as a company when you keep in touch with partners. Such an email address also looks far better if a random visitor on your site contacts you via a feedback form and you would like to answer back. How quick it will be to take care of your e-mail communication is sometimes as essential as the quality of the service, considering that some hosting Control Panels make it very difficult and time-consuming to handle basic tasks for instance enabling anti-spam protection or forwarding your e-mails. Because of this, you should employ an e-mail service that will allow you to gain access to everything very quickly and which will help make the control over your email messages fast and easy.

Advanced E-mail Manager in Cloud Hosting

The Email Manager instrument that is a part of our tailor-made Hepsia Control Panel and that is included with our cloud hosting plans provides total control over each aspect of your email communication. With only a few clicks you will be able to do whatever you would like, from basic tasks like creating/deleting a mailbox, forwarding emails or setting up anti-spam protection, to more complicated ones like using e-mail lists or activating SPF protection for a given domain that you host in the account. All of the options are conveniently located in a single place and they are available by way of right-click context menus and quick access links with the help of a very easy-to-use interface. Even if you've never had a website hosting account of yours before, you'll be able to handle your e-mails fast and easily. In-depth how-to articles and video tutorials which are available in the Email Manager will guide you towards the most effective technique to do any task.